Imperialism Server

About Imperialism 1.7.4

To all the newcomers to Imperialism, welcome! And for all the returning members welcome back! If you're new to the website let me explain what you should do. First go to members and register, if you did it correctly you should get a confirmation Email that you need to confirm. If you do not receive the confirmation email check the spam folder, if it’s not found then something with the registration went wrong. After that you’re all set! Feel free to look around at some forum posts or browse through the server photos. 





This is a message to all returning members. It's nice to see you again! Imperialism has been on and off over the last couple years but hopefully it shall stay up for good. Now there is the issue with rank, so let me try and explain it the best I can. No you may not have your rank! Imperialism has adopted a new ranking system created by Heroga that allows only two staff members per world, leading to a total staff count of six. To be part of that staff system you must be extremely good at your world. For example, to be Admin or Mod of the Creative Server you need to be an extremely talented builder. Or for the Survival Server pretty good at surviving, and so on. Old ranks can’t be given back with the new evaluation taking place.